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Supporting Maui’s Recovery: Exploring the Island’s Beauty and Rebuilding After Wildfires

Uniting for Recovery: State, Federal, and Local Support Wildfires are a recurring issue in many parts of Hawaii, including Maui, due to factors such as dry weather, strong winds, and the presence of flammable vegetation. Maui’s most recent wildfire created significant impacts on the local communities, particularly the community of Lahaina, in addition to effecting the island’s ecosystems and environment. The devastating Lahaina fire caused the residents to evacuate their...

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Travel + Leisure Magazine Honolulu Ranked #5 in U.S. Cities

Travel + Leisure Magazine Honolulu Ranked #5 in U.S. Cities Honolulu ranked #5 in top 15 cities in the U.S. by Travel + Leisure Magazine.  Travel + Leisure Magazine is a top world travel media brand.  The magazine’s mission is to inform and inspire passionate travelers. The magazine covers cities, tried-and-true destinations, beaches, mountains and valleys, national parks and outdoor adventures.  In addition, the magazine covers fine-dining experiences and secret...

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Waikiki Kuhio Village Parking

Waikiki Car Rental Recommendation In general, we advise our guests to not rent a vehicle from the airport.  Instead, we suggest that our guests get settled at their accommodation on their arrival day.  When you are ready to venture beyond Waikiki then you rent a ride.  If you only rent for the day then you don’t need to deal with finding free parking or pay exorbitant prices.  Ride wise, you...

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Our Weather

Hawaii’s Climate – Year Round Comfort Ever wonder why some people consider Hawaii a tropical paradise. Well our climate certainly is a contributing factor. Below you can learn more about why we can get away with wearing “baggies” (swim trunks) and “slippers” (flip-flops) for most of the 365 days in a year. The ocean surrounding the Hawaiian Islands supplies plenty of moisture and acts as a giant thermostat, moderating the...

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During Your Stay

Guest Rules We want you to have a wonderful stay with us in paradise and ask that you follow a few basic Guest Rules in addition to complying with the building’s House Rules. Guest Check-in All guests and guest’s visitors must register with a valid photo id (all adult occupants in the unit) at check-in with your host or in the Real Estate management office. For after-hour arrivals / check-ins,...

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Good to Know

Pest wise you a most likely to come across a gecko. Some consider them cute and others are terrified by them.  They are afraid of you and will avoid you but they will eat any bugs that may be around.  You are unlikely to come across any bugs in your accommodations as all our units are inspected and treated by EPA-certified, safe pesticides, quarterly. Traveler checks are usually accepted, but...

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Hawaiian Time

Hawaii is regarded as a paradise for its beautiful oceans, mountains, forests, and weather. Visitors often remark how the days are long and the weeks are short. Those lucky enough to a stay a while longer feel as if summer never ends. Because of our tropical location, the length of daylight does not vary greatly throughout the year. Hawaii Standard Time is in effect year round.  In summertime, we enjoy...

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What to Bring

Following is a suggested list of what to bring on your trip to Hawaii including common travel necessities as well as reminders for those often forgettable travel items. Helpful hint: Check with your airline regarding what you can carry on the plane as new rules and regulations change. Also, check the weather forecast for your destination, as well as local customs for clothing guidelines. Remember, travel experts advise to pack...

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