Travel + Leisure Magazine Honolulu Ranked #5 in U.S. Cities

Travel + Leisure Magazine Honolulu Ranked #5 in U.S. Cities

Honolulu ranked #5 in top 15 cities in the U.S. by Travel + Leisure Magazine.  Travel + Leisure Magazine is a top world travel media brand.  The magazine’s mission is to inform and inspire passionate travelers. The magazine covers cities, tried-and-true destinations, beaches, mountains and valleys, national parks and outdoor adventures.  In addition, the magazine covers fine-dining experiences and secret hole-in-the-wall establishments, and everything in between much of which you can find in Honolulu.  Overall, the magazine equally offer travelers inspiration along with advice for planning trips.  Additionally, the magazine offers valuable guidance once they are on the ground.  To subscribe to Travel + Leisure Magazine, please click here.

Best in the U.S.

The best cities in the United States, according to Travel + Leisure readers, offer a welcoming mix of history, delicious food and drink, and attractions for the whole family. Every year Travel + Leisure asks readers to weigh in on travel experiences around the globe — to share their opinions. First, readers rated cities on their sights and landmarks.  Second, readers rated cities on their culture, cuisine, and friendliness.  Finally, readers rated cities on shopping experience resulting in an overall value of 85.43.  The rating ranked Honolulu #5 in top 15 cities in the U.S. according to Travel + Leisure Magazine. Readers continue to appreciate destinations like Honolulu (No. 5) with easy access to some of America’s spectacular outdoor offerings.

“So much to do and never enough time,” one reader said about this city on Oahu’s southern shore.  A second reader specifically called out the “amazing local restaurants” and “lots of hiking and walking areas to explore.” Afatia Thompson, president and owner of Tihati Productions Ltd.,  said, “All the surveys show that the top two things that visitors want to do when they visit Hawaii is go snorkeling and attend a luau.”

Honolulu Accommodations and Excursions

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