Guest Mobile AppThe app is not meant to replace meeting us in person but is a fabulous tool to compliment your guest experience.  The app gives you access to your reservation information and guest information from your mobile device. Make reservation payments, check-out from your reservations, and even book future vacations. These are just a small amount of things the Happy Stays Guest Mobile App can do for you! We are regularly adding new content, restaurants, tours and adventures for you to consider. Enjoy and always have a Happy Stay!

Once you complete your reservation, we will send you a link to download the Happy Stays app and provide you with a reservation access code.

Guest Mobile App  Apple iOS App Store
Guest Mobile App Google Play App Store

Navigating the Happy Stays Guest Mobile App

The main screen contains your reservation information and your Wi-Fi broadband Internet code.  A link to reservation details is available with cost and payment information. You can use the reservation details link to provide us feedback on your stay. At the top right of the app you have three horizontal lines which is the button to access visitor information.  Within visitor information, you have access to information specific to

    1. First Time Visitors
    2. Shuttles
    3. Office Directions
    4. Hawaiian Culture
    5. Guest Experience
    6. Local Restaurants
    7. Tours and Excursions
    8. Weather
    9. Videos