Pest wise you a most likely to come across a gecko. Some consider them cute and others are terrified by them.  They are afraid of you and will avoid you but they will eat any bugs that may be around.  You are unlikely to come across any bugs in your accommodations as all our units are inspected and treated by EPA-certified, safe pesticides, quarterly.

Water Fall

Traveler checks are usually accepted, but you should be aware that some merchants might look at you like you just tried to offer them a foreign currency. You should also know that Discover Card seems to be less welcome here than at other destinations and many places do not accept them.

If you are going to spend any time at the beach, woven bamboo beach mats can be found all over the island, are inexpensive alternatives to beach towels, can be rolled up for convenient storage, and the sand comes off the mat rather easily.

Please remember that Hawaii is not a Disney Land rather it is Mother Nature and she is hard, slippery, sharp, and unpredictable. Hiking guides and websites do not know the current conditions. Nothing is static and nothing can take the place of your own observations and good judgement.  Always trust your judgment and if you are seeking adventure prepare yourself for adventure. There are lots of wonderful things to do on the island and we want you to be safe and happy.