Because of our tropical location, the length of daylight does not vary greatly throughout the year. Hawaii Standard Time is in effect year round.  In summertime, we enjoy longer days with the sun rising over the horizon around 5:30 am and setting to the west around 7:00 pm.  While the winter time brings us shorter days with the sunrise around 7:00 am and sunset around 6:00 pm.

Hawaii does not change its clocks for Daylight Savings Time so depending on the time of year we can be 5 to 6 hours behind the east coast of the United States and 19 to 20 hours behind Tokyo, and 20 to 21 hours behind Sydney.


One aspect of Hawaiian culture you may have heard is Hawaiian time. The stereotype is that everyone in Hawaii move just a little bit slower than on the continental United States. After your visit you can decide whether Hawaiian time is a stereotype or something that actually exists. Hopefully, during your visit, you will notice that this feeling infects you.  The reason you are visiting Hawaii is for its beauty and sense of peace. If someone is moving a little bit slower than you, just go with it.