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Hawaii Re-opening to Tourism on October 15th

Hawaii Welcomes Visitors As the main hub of the Hawaiian Islands, it is no wonder Oahu is the most visited island. Hawaii serves up big city fun in a small island setting.  The Hawaii re-opening is just in time for the winter surf season. In other words, visitors can once again enjoy the best tropical venue the Unites States has to offer. Winter Surf Session Hawaii may be synonymous with...

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Hawaii’s Cuisine

While the world is filled with people of different nationalities and cultures, religious and spiritual beliefs, there are things that tie us all together – universal bridges such as food, which crosses language barriers, opens hearts, fills bellies, and imparts a feeling of nourishment. The cuisine of Hawaii, also referred to as local grinds, continues to evolve with influence from chefs from all over the world while fresh and unique...

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The Aloha Spirit

Hawaii is more than the physical beauty of the land, sea and sky. It is a community with a long and fascinating history that continues to be felt in many ways. The people are happy and happy people are friendly people. Discover more about Hawaii by visiting places like the Bishop Museum or the Polynesian Culture Center. The more you discover about Hawaii’s past, the more you will understand modern-day...

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