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Hawaii Travel Misinformation

Latest Hawaii Travel Misinformation Our last update on the latest Hawaii travel restrictions, COVID cases and vaccinations was 7-weeks ago on July 12th.  For the July 12th update, we referenced the percentage of Hawaii’s population vaccinated at nearly 60 percent.  Ironically, when I check the USAFacts.org website for Hawaii’s Coronavirus vaccination progress, the percentage has dropped to 55 percent.  I am unsure of how the percentage could have dropped with...

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Hawaii Eases COVID-19 Restrictions

Easing Travel Restrictions As more of Hawaii’s residents are vaccinated against COVID-19, Hawaii eases COVID-19 travel restrictions.  With the Hawaiian Islands at the top of many American’s must-visit list, the easing travel restrictions is good news. Hawaii was hard hit by the pandemic, implementing more restrictions than nearly any other U.S. state.  However, starting July 8, the state has reached about 60 percent of its population vaccinated. With vaccination numbers...

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Waikiki Awakens

Why do we say Waikiki awakens?  Well our occupancy is one indicator.  Other indicators are a return of street entertainers, beach sun bathers and ocean enthusiasts.  Additionally, business and hotels are illuminated, pedestrian and vehicle traffic increased, and luaus have reopened and are selling out fast. All support a strong rebound in Waikiki tourism that predominately focuses on domestic visitors with Hawaiian Airlines now offering direct flights from Ontario, Orlando,...

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General Travel Safety Tips

General travel safety and security tips are a key to an enjoyable travel experience. Due to heightened airline security measures and changing FAA policies and procedures, it is imperative you are as prepared as possible for your trip. A significant increase in travel is expected over the summer at the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL). Travelers are encouraged to plan ahead if they will be making trips through these...

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Oahu’s Back on the Wave

O’ahu’s Back on the Wave Campaign We all play a vital role in fighting COVID-19 and keeping our island safe. Hawaii Dream Realty LLC also does their part to reduce risk to our community, ohana, and guests.  More recently, the company joined Oahu’s “Back on the Wave” campaign. While safe practices were already in place, the company volunteered to complete the City and County’s health and safety survey. The survey...

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Hawaii’s Cuisine

Experience Hawaii’s Cuisine To experience Hawaii’s cuisine is to experience Hawaii’s culture. People from different countries, cultures, and religions fill our world. However, one universal bridge ties us all together. The universal bridges is food.  Food fills bellies and imparts a feeling of nourishment upon us all.  Furthermore, food crosses language barriers and opens hearts. Local Grinds The cuisine of Hawaii is also referred to as local grinds. Our local...

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The Aloha Spirit

The Aloha Spirit Hawaii’s unique charm comes from the Aloha Spirit. Aloha means the spirit of love, and is commonly used as hello and goodbye. However, Aloha also means compassion, kindness and giving. But the Aloha Spirit encompasses more than Aloha as it embodies Hawaiian values: malama: to care for ‘ohana: family ho’okipa: hospitality ‘olu’olu: graciousness kokua: helpfulness lokahi: unity and harmony kupono: honesty and fairness In summary, the Hawaiian...

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