Why do we say Waikiki awakens?  Well our occupancy is one indicator.  Other indicators are a return of street entertainers, beach sun bathers and ocean enthusiasts.  Additionally, business and hotels are illuminated, pedestrian and vehicle traffic increased, and luaus have reopened and are selling out fast. All support a strong rebound in Waikiki tourism that predominately focuses on domestic visitors with Hawaiian Airlines now offering direct flights from Ontario, Orlando, Long Beach, and Austin.

The average length of stay in February for all Hawaii visitors was 10.8 days according to the Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism. Most visitors opt to travel independently vice using a group tour or vacation package.  Interestingly, visitors who chose to telework from Hawaii tend to consider themselves on vacation.  With our beautiful summer weather and longs days, visitors have plenty of time for work, play and rest.

Contributing Factors

One contributing factor as Waikiki awakens is that Hawaii has the lowest rate of COVID-19 cases in the nation. Partially due to the fact that Hawaii has one of the highest vaccination rate in the United States. As of April 22, Hawaii was ranked seventh nationally. Almost half of the adult population in Honolulu participating in the vaccination program.

A second contributing factor is that some visitors need to break up the monotony of working from home with a change in environment.  This shift in visitor demographic has fueled the awakening with a different kind of visitor.  Discounted airfares and travel deals makes Hawaii a desired place to reside temporarily while teleworking.

Extended Stay Accommodations

Hawaii Dream Realty has several extended stay accommodations that are offered at a discount over our daily rental rates.  Extended stays are those stays that are a minimum of 30 days and typically include kitchens. Regardless all our rentals include broadband Internet.  Broadband Internet means our visitors have plenty of bandwidth for Zoom meetings and remote access to their work.