The Aloha Spirit

Hawaii’s unique charm comes from the Aloha Spirit. Aloha means the spirit of love, and is commonly used as hello and goodbye. However, Aloha also means compassion, kindness and giving. But the Aloha Spirit encompasses more than Aloha as it embodies Hawaiian values:

  • malama: to care for
  • ‘ohana: family
  • ho’okipa: hospitality
  • ‘olu’olu: graciousness
  • kokua: helpfulness
  • lokahi: unity and harmony
  • kupono: honesty and fairness

In summary, the Hawaiian value provide the foundation for a respected and treasured culture.

Hawaii is more than the physical beauty of the land, sea and sky.  Hawaii is a community with a long and fascinating history that continues to be felt in many ways. The people are happy and happy people are friendly people.

Discover Hawaii

Discover more about Hawaii by visiting the Bishop Museum or the Polynesian Culture Center.  Our Waikiki Bucket List offers more suggestions to help you discover Hawaii. The more you discover about Hawaii’s past, the more you understand modern-day Hawaii.

The past is still a vital part of the present in Hawaii.  Enrich your experience of the culture by experiencing the people and the spirit of aloha during your visit.  In doing so, you are helping to keep history alive.  Explore the traditions of the past that are still prevalent in the culture of Waikiki and Oahu’s small towns.

Kuhio Village Towers Hawaiian Blessing

Kapuna bless Kuhio Village Towers through traditional chant and ceremony. The towers memorialize the Hawaiian Prince Jonah Kūhiō Kalanianaʻole who was a prince of the Kingdom of Hawaii. A coalition of American and European businessmen overthrew the kingdom in 1893.


The early Hawaiians had no written language but they developed chants. As a result, chants recorded the genealogy of chiefs. Chants also are used during blessings and are a highly evolved verbal communication. Chanters remain an important member of Hawaii’s society. They preserve history and legend.

The Hawaiian Blessing is a traditional ceremony to bless new homes, canoes, businesses, babies, and food. The blessing calls upon great powers to assist in the safety, well being and success of the new creation. The blessing also cleans and clears the way of any conflict or negative experience that may have occurred in the past. The ceremony, performed by a spiritual leader, draws a community together to participate in honoring a new beginning.