Experience Hawaii’s Cuisine

To experience Hawaii’s cuisine is to experience Hawaii’s culture. People from different countries, cultures, and religions fill our world. However, one universal bridge ties us all together. The universal bridges is food.  Food fills bellies and imparts a feeling of nourishment upon us all.  Furthermore, food crosses language barriers and opens hearts.

Local Grinds

The cuisine of Hawaii is also referred to as local grinds. Our local grinds continue to evolve with influence from chefs from all over the world. Micro farms and aqua culture farmers deliver fresh and unique island foods daily. The island foods provide a true farm to table experience with a fusion blend to tantalize the taste buds. The selection of restaurants represents the cultural diversity found in Hawaii. Enjoy beautiful views, beach side locations, romantic and fun ambiances, lovely and elegant settings, creative and innovative menus, and great food from Hawaii’s restaurants that accommodate all price points.

Experience Hawaii's Cuisine - 4 rice bowls filled with locally caught fish, farm fresh vegetables, and crispy wanton..

Experience Hawaii’s cuisine is to experience Hawaii’s culture. Pictured are four rice bowls decorated with locally caught poke, farm fresh vegetables, and crispy wanton.

Taste some of Hawaii’s favorite ono delicious foods including Kailua pig wrapped in ti leaves cooked in an underground imu oven. Try some fresh cubed fish known as poke served in with variety of sauces and seasonings.  Yearning for some fast food Hawaii style then go for a bowl of Saimin. Saimin is an inexpensive broth with noodles similar to Japanese ramen.  Eat your Saimin with chopsticks and then pick up the bowl and drink the broth.  Subsequently, on the sweeter side, indulge in a malasadas deep-fried dough rolled in sugar best eaten warm.  Finally, dig into an authentic Hawaii shave ice desert, a flavorful tropical cocktail. In summary, to experience island cuisine is to experience Hawaii.

Where to Eat

Finally, if you are looking for restaurant suggestions, our  mobile app includes a selection of Waikiki restaurants. Each restaurant includes a link to the menus, locations and contact information.  We update our local restaurant lists as we discover fun atmospheres and ono dining worthy of your time.