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Oahu Visitor’s Guide

Un-Written Rules You Should Know Drive with Aloha. Let cars go in front of you, go slow and give pedestrians the right away. If cars are stopped in front of you for no reason, do NOT switch lanes to continue, assume there is a pedestrian. Our most busy crosswalks have a new pattern that allows all pedestrians to cross at once to include diagonally so DO NOT assume you can...

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Guest Mobile App

Welcome to a fabulous tool to compliment your guest experience. We have created a Happy stays app giving you access to your reservation information and guest information from your mobile device. Make reservation payments, check out from your reservations, and even book future vacations. These are just a small amount of things Happy stays can do for you! We are regularly adding new content, restaurants, tours and adventures for your...

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Good to Know

Pest wise you a most likely to come across a gecko. Some consider them cute and others are terrified by them.  They are afraid of you and will avoid you but they will eat any bugs that may be around.  You are unlikely to come across any bugs in your accommodations as all our units are inspected and treated by EPA-certified, safe pesticides, quarterly. Traveler checks are usually accepted, but...

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Hawaiian Time

Because of our tropical location, the length of daylight does not vary greatly throughout the year. Hawaii Standard Time is in effect year round.  In summertime, we enjoy longer days with the sun rising over the horizon around 5:30 am and setting to the west around 7:00 pm.  While the winter time brings us shorter days with the sunrise around 7:00 am and sunset around 6:00 pm. Hawaii does not...

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Waikiki Transportation and Getting Around Oahu

Getting Around Waikiki Rental car prices as a transportation alternative in Waikiki, and Hawaii in general, can vary considerably. Competition between different rental car agencies is pretty fierce. Oahu is the only major Hawaiian Island where visitors can stay without renting a car. Waikiki is small and walkable and many activity companies will shuttle you to their locations. If you are trying to save money, and spend much of your...

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What to Bring

Waikiki is a self-contained metropolis where nearly 70 percent of Oahu visitors reside with the remaining 30 percent being permanent residents and of those permanent residents the majority of local residents are unmarried enjoying the glitz and glamour in this languorous tropical paradise.  The Waikiki lifestyle is not a normal routine. An eclectic and blissful harmony of honeymooners, teenagers, conventioneers, business people, retirees, beach goers, and local residents. Waikiki is...

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Our Weather

Hawaii’s Climate – Year Round Comfort Ever wonder why some people consider Hawaii a tropical paradise. Well our climate certainly is a contributing factor. Below you can learn more about why we can get away with wearing “baggies” (swim trunks) and “slippers” (flip-flops) for most of the 365 days in a year. The ocean surrounding the Hawaiian Islands supplies plenty of moisture and acts as a giant thermostat, moderating the...

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