Latest Hawaii Travel Misinformation

Our last update on the latest Hawaii travel restrictions, COVID cases and vaccinations was 7-weeks ago on July 12th.  For the July 12th update, we referenced the percentage of Hawaii’s population vaccinated at nearly 60 percent.  Ironically, when I check the website for Hawaii’s Coronavirus vaccination progress, the percentage has dropped to 55 percent.  I am unsure of how the percentage could have dropped with vaccinations being heavily pushed over the past 7 weeks.  Point being, a lot of misinformation is being published.

Earlier in August, we had a guest contact us concerned about news that our grocery store shelves were bare.  The guest was informed that  shipments to the island were being delayed or canceled.  I was surprised by this news because we do not have a food or gas shortage.  Our shipping commerce continues to conduct business as usual.  Furthermore, as a regular patron of Hawaii eateries and restaurants, all menu items are available.  Again, I am not sure about the reason for the misinformation.  However, I wanted to you to be aware of what is really happening in Hawaii.  You also need to know how the travel restrictions affect your travel.

Here’s the Undisputed Facts

On August 30th, the Mayor of Honolulu issued a new Emergency Order implementing Tier 5 of Honolulu’s Post COVID-19 Vaccine Framework.  One purpose of the framework is to set an attainable target for the cessation of all COVID-19 related restrictions.  The framework tier is based on the percentage of Hawaii’s population that has been fully vaccinated.  A 70 percent vaccination rate is required to remove all restrictions.  According to the State of Hawaii Department of Health, as of September 4th, the Hawaii vaccination rate is 63.8 percent.

Latest Hawaii Travel Restrictions

To help get Hawaii’s COVID case counts down and to further promote Hawaii residents to vaccinate, the new Emergency Order was issued.  The Emergency order affects entertainment, recreation, dining and fitness establishments and takes effect on September 13th.  In order to visit or patron a site identified in the order, the establishment must verify that you are fully vaccinated.  Fully vaccinated means two weeks have passed after completing a COVID-19 vaccination series.  Below is a more comprehensive list of affected sites.

  • Bowling alleys
  • Arcades
  • Pool/billiard halls
  • Movie theaters
  • Museums
  • Indoor portions of botanical gardens
  • Honolulu Aquarium
  • Honolulu Zoo
  • Sea Life Park
  • Commercial recreational boating
  • Public and private commercial pools
  • Shooting/archery ranges
  • In-dining restaurants
  • Food courts
  • Standalone and hotel gyms and fitness centers
  • Yoga/Pilates/barre/dance studios
  • Boxing/kickboxing gyms
  • Fitness boot camps

What Does It All Mean

Bottom line, if you are fully vaccinated you can visit Hawaii and enjoy all it has to offer.  Refer to our Hawaii Eases COVID-19 Restrictions article for guidance on foregoing Hawaii arrival quarantine requirements and actions to take now to make the most of your visit. Keep in mind that the current tier limits indoor establishments to 50 percent capacity so we recommend that you book any activates and reservations prior to your arrival.