Hawaii’s Fifteenth Proclamation

Recently, the Governor issued Hawaii’s fifteenth proclamation.  COVID-19 is still present in Hawaii.  Our new cases and hospitalizations are the lowest in the country thanks to our safe practices.  The official declaration continues to allow business to operate with care. The declaration furthers the responsibility for care to visitors and residents alike.

The proclamation mandates that all persons shall wear a face covering over their nose and mouth when in public.  Additionally, the proclamation extends to our hotel industry by requiring hotels to publish a COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan. Each hotel is now responsible for how to deal with any guests who become COVID- 19 positive.  Hotels are also responsible for how to deal with any guest who have been identified as a close contact of someone who is positive for COVID-19.

Hotel Health and Safety Plans

Hawaii hotels tend to be busy and filled with travelers from all over the world. Thus increasing your chances of coming into contact with the coronavirus.  Because you are not the only person who has access to your hotel room, whenever someone else enters your room, there is a possibility of increased risk.  The risk is so high that hotels are investing in electrostatic sprayers and other technologies in an effort to combat the virus. Even with the technology, the risk is still present due to the high number of visitors lounging in the lobby, halls, elevators, and common areas.

A Less Risky Alternative

You do have a choice. You can avoid crowded hotels.  Your alternative option is Oahu’s legal short term rentals. The short term rental industry follows the same cleaning and sanitizing standards as the hotels. Legal short term rentals were allowed when Hawaii reached Tier 2 on March 15th.  Ever since we have been accommodating guests.  COVID-19 should have you rightfully concerned. But know you can avoid the crowds, have privacy, and not be subject to a hotel’s Health and Safety Plan.  If you are still wanting the hotel experience be sure to read their plan.  Know what enforcement the hotel may impose on you if it was decided that you were exposed while visiting their establishment.